We believe musicians are modern day storytellers and their music deserves great sound. Building on the indestructible and interchangeable design of the on-ear Tracks family, we developed our first over-ear headphones to deliver extended comfort,
greater noise isolation, and an exceptional sound profile.

We partnered with Calvin Harris, award winning producer, recording engineer and DJ, to create headphones that put you in the studio. The XC Sound Engines™ deliver a sonically accurate and powerful sound signature with an incredible vocal presence that retains critical details in the high, mid and low ranges. The design samples the warm tones of the décor found in legendary recording studios. These aren’t just another music artist’s headphones they’re headphones for music artists.

Through a design inspired by the very space where music is created,
Master Tracks XC achieve the ideal combination of powerful sound, comfort, style and durability.

SOL REPUBLIC Master Tracks XC delivers professional Sound from the Studio to the Street. It is sonically accurate for music creation,
yet powerful and sleek enough for the most passionate music fan. Includes a 6-foot long pro cable with 1/4-inch adapter.